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Guaranteed Results for Agency New Business

In this business of new business of which I have been involved since (gasp!) 1988 (eek!) there has been an elephant in the room that has been ignored for years and it trumpets every so often with the refrain …

“Can you guarantee results?”

… at the first mention of which every single new business agency trots out the same old reply;


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The Temporary King

If you take The Times then the back page of the The Game section today (19th October 2015) provides a fascinating insight into the world of the football manager or rather, the world of those who appoint them. He discusses what on Merseyside the call the Messiah Complex – no never ending search for “the one” who will lead them to greatness once more. And it is not just Liverpool of course, turn the page back and you can see a great graphic that illustrates the point perfectly. Arsene Wenger has been at Arsenal 19 years and 7 days whilst the COMBINED tenure of all other Premier League managers is 17 years and 106 days.


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Tailoring your sales approach

When it comes to sales, whether through direct conversation, PowerPoint-led presentations or the trusty old phone call, one thing is certain – you’ll need to win your prospective client’s buy-in. Central to this process is your ability to effectively tailor your approach to the client and throughout this blog we explore just how you can develop a more bespoke approach to winning business and how this will contribute to a more successful sales attempts.


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Use this to identify your client needs

Exploring and defining your potential client’s needs before even beginning the sales process, is critical to a smooth and efficient on-going relationship management. Moreover, it becomes invaluable once the deal has been made and it’s time to deliver on both party’s terms and conditions.

In this blog, we touch upon the main areas that you should pay attention to when beginning to explore the client’s needs. […]

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Value Propositions: Debunking The Myths

As a business predicated on developing and maintaining relationships with other businesses, we have been exposed to many value propositions. A constant theme we have found is that often there is a lot of confusion as to what actually constitutes a value proposition in the first, let alone what it takes in order to develop an excellent one. […]

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Your proposition: is it millennial enough?

When was the last time you updated or adjusted your business proposition? A considerable amount of companies create their propositions in the very early days of the business lifecycle, and then, if they seem to be working, they leave them and don’t update them despite the changes in the macro and micro economic environment. […]

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Is Working With Your Agency a Fine Dining Experience?

fine diningThink of your agency as an upmarket restaurant.

The creative department are the chefs.

Client service are the waiters who deliver the product to the customer.

The customer of course, is your client.


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Who’s the MAN! for agency new business.

Back to basics – SALES. It’s what we do – call it what you want, but that’s it. Many years ago I was making a speech at an Omnicom conference (DAS to be precise) and I was talking about sales and an MD of an agency at the end said that it was all well and good, but that he wasn’t in ‘sales’ he was in ‘advertising’. My response was that his CEO would probably say that he was in the business of selling the services of an advertising agency, not ‘in’ advertising per se.


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Too Busy to Talk?


This was brought to my attention the other day and it made me smile.

How often have you, as an agency new business person, felt like this poor chap. There you are, with a really great offering and yet no-one will even give you the time of day. Why is that?

Well, the usual reason is one of the following:


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Engagement; Engagement, Enthusiasm and Engagement.

UntitledThe AABA pattern, also known as a diacope, is a very common rhetorical device you are probably very familiar with.

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo”; “my horse, my horse, my kingdom for a horse”; “alone, alone, all alone”; “You villain, villain, you damned, smiling villain.” And my personal favourite from Carry On Cleo, “Infamy, Infamy, they’ve all got it Infamy”.

Another tool is Chiasmus, a rhetorical device that originates from the Greek chiazo, meaning “to shape like a letter X.” It is a figure of speech in which the second half of an expression is reversed to mirror the first half, i.e. A/B, B/A (where the letters represent words, phrases or parts of speech).

Perhaps the best known example of chiasmus is JFK’s “ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” Another is, “We don’t get stop playing when we get old, we get old when we stop playing.”

These tools are great to use in your new business pitches and can really make you stand out.

There’s a really interesting interview with Mark Forsyth (@InkyFool) on Radio 4 that was broadcast in November 2013 that you can listen to HERE.

And you can buy his book HERE.

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