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According to research conducted by ICM on behalf of Oxford Strategic Marketing and Hunter Miller, where they interviewed 75 of the UK’s leading Marketing Directors, 70% either agreed or Strongly Agreed that they consider changing agencies to be one of the first things they do when taking up a new position.

Our anecdotal evidence over the last 20 odd years certainly verifies this, which is why getting this information is ESSENTIAL and not all of it is reported in the press of course, especially not new appointments in sensitive business sectors or some of the mid tier and challenger brands our clients are interested in.

To this end we have developed technology that enables us to find them before anyone else.

Download the full report HERE

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Very Exciting Times at RSW

We are pleased to make a couple of announcements.

Nihir Patel has been promoted to Operations Director and will be responsible for helping the team achieve their targets of providing their clients with a pipeline capable of delivering their desired needs.

Josi Murphy has been promoted to Director of Client Partnerships and will oversee every account from a strategic perspective, attending reviews and making suggestions to drive our clients’ business ever forward as well as helping the team with proposition development and being the link between the Operations team and the Client Services team that was previously occupied by Adam Whittaker.

Both of these appointments come into force as from March 1st 2014 and will enable Adam Whittaker to focus 100% on driving RSW’s growth both in the UK and internationally.

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MD of Healthcare Consultancy says …

Hi Adam

In brief.

You undersold your team and their ability!

Incredibly impressive: responsive, flexible, professional and – most importantly – effective.

Thank you


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Merry Christmas Everbody!

It’s that time of year again and who better to spread the good wishes than Slade! So, get your wedges on your feet, your Oxford bags on your bum, you three star tank top on your chest and let’s rock like we did in the early ’70′s!!

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Placester – Hot or Not: The Best Methods for Finding New B2B Customers in 2014

Placester did some research recently into the best way to generate B2B sales leads – we like it! Good work @sethstuff

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Engagement; Engagement, Enthusiasm and Engagement.

UntitledThe AABA pattern, also known as a diacope, is a very common rhetorical device you are probably very familiar with.

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo”; “my horse, my horse, my kingdom for a horse”; “alone, alone, all alone”; “You villain, villain, you damned, smiling villain.” And my personal favourite from Carry On Cleo, “Infamy, Infamy, they’ve all got it Infamy”.

Another tool is Chiasmus, a rhetorical device that originates from the Greek chiazo, meaning “to shape like a letter X.” It is a figure of speech in which the second half of an expression is reversed to mirror the first half, i.e. A/B, B/A (where the letters represent words, phrases or parts of speech).

Perhaps the best known example of chiasmus is JFK’s “ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” Another is, “We don’t get stop playing when we get old, we get old when we stop playing.”

These tools are great to use in your new business pitches and can really make you stand out.

There’s a really interesting interview with Mark Forsyth (@InkyFool) on Radio 4 that was broadcast in November 2013 that you can listen to HERE.

And you can buy his book HERE.

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The best iPad Pitch

One of the best pitches I ever saw was done by a man who was great at speed drawing. He had a flipchart and a bunch of pens and off he went, drew the entire presentation as he was going along, adding in things he came up with on the spot and things that were suggested by those watching.

At then end he gave the marketing director the flipchart, great fun, very stimulating. But if you can’t do this or want something a bit more hi-tech, then take a look at this!

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Conversion Rates – What to Expect from Agency New Business.

Like most new business agencies we are often asked about conversion rates; both our own and those of our clients. RSW has been in business since 1992 in the UK, 2005 in the US and has also just set up in Australia. We monitor both our own and our client’s success rates, taking standard deviations into consideration.

Conversion ratesWe divide new business into what we call the “Upstream” process and the “Downstream” process. The upstream is everything that happens prior to the first face-to-face interaction with the prospective client whilst the downstream is obviously therefore everything that happens post first meeting.

Both processes have three steps and they are as follows;


Step 1 – Make a contact attempt

Step 2 – Engage with the prospect

Step 3 – arrange a meeting


Step 1 – Meet the prospect

Step 2 – Submit a proposal / answer a brief

Step 3 – Win the business.

We know that for every 100 calls made, ten prospects will be spoken to and for every ten spoken to one will convert into a qualified meeting (see other post for definition of a ‘qualified meeting’).

For every four meetings our clients attend they should submit one proposal and for every three proposals submitted they win a new client.

We believe that our attention to delivering truly qualified meetings means that our (Upstream) conversion rates are not as great as those suggested by other new business agencies but feel this is justified by our clients’ superior (Downstream) conversion rates.

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A Well Written Letter

imagesNothing to do with agency new business, but a good example of business development at its very best.

I was dropping my son off at school this morning as he was off on a bushcraft course – three days camping by the sea in Dorset, canoeing, rock climbing, survival etc. Sounds great fun! I got talking to the headmaster about the company that was running the course and how he had found them.

He told me that several years ago they had written to him; a hand written, two page letter, describing what they did and how they thought they’d be the perfect fit for the school. They had done their research and knew the ethos of the school. They referred to this and how they could fit in because of their own ethos.

He was so impressed that they had gone to so much trouble he called them and the rest is history.

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RSW New Business Report 2013

The RSW New Business Report 2013 is released today.  Some interesting facts.

  • 30% of Marketing Directors review their agencies every three years or less often
  • Almost every respondent said that they were emailed by agencies
  • Yet fewer than 10% said that agencies engaged with them on Twitter
  • The most effective method agencies use is a good old fashioned letter!
  • More than 30% said that they followed agencies on Twitter
  • Almost 75% accept LinkedIn invites from agency staff …
  • … and 20% accept them even if they’ve met or spoken to the person sending the invite …
  • … whilst another 50% accept an invite after a phone conversation
  • 50% of clients check agency staff out on LinkedIn before appointing the agency
  • … and 15% look you up on Facebook with 25% checking your Twitter profiles!

Enjoy and feel free to share.

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