4 Ways You Can Improve Your Content Marketing

With content marketing becoming an increasingly popular tool to interact with and attract customers and clients, it is vital that you can provide them with not only interesting but genuinely valuable content. […]

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Tailoring your sales approach

When it comes to sales, whether through direct conversation, PowerPoint-led presentations or the trusty old phone call, one thing is certain – you’ll need to win your prospective client’s buy-in. Central to this process is your ability to effectively tailor your approach to the client and throughout this blog we explore just how you can develop a more bespoke approach to winning business and how this will contribute to a more successful sales attempts.


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Trust Building

A lack of trust can prevent you from warming up your leads – a potentially fatal consequence that will likely lead to a deterioration of the business relationship, hindering it from progressing positively. […]

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Leveraging opportunity, timing, and persistence

The marketing services sector is very cyclic; to make the most out of your opportunities, you will need to know how to connect, time your approach, overcome obstacles and understand the difference between healthy persistence and investing resources in lost causes.

In our extensive experience of working with marketing agencies all over the world, here are some of the things we have discovered. […]

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Agency Contract’s Lifecycle

In any marketing agency’s contract lifecycle, there are three main stages: agency evaluation and selection, relationship development, maintenance and agency review; followed by the termination or renewal of a contract. With this in mind, we discuss the opportunities that arise from monitoring your competitors and knowing when to step in.  […]

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Your proposition: is it millennial enough?

When was the last time you updated or adjusted your business proposition? A considerable amount of companies create their propositions in the very early days of the business lifecycle, and then, if they seem to be working, they leave them and don’t update them despite the changes in the macro and micro economic environment. […]

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The tactical marriage of inbound and outbound

Some are quick off the mark to say that Outbound Marketing tactics are “getting out of date” and are rather “old school”. However, what if outbound marketing is complemented with inbound marketing to enhance the overall strategy? […]

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Define the ideal prospect (and grow your business!)

By definition, a prospect is “a qualified and interested individual who, through two-way interaction, has demonstrated they are preparing to make a purchase decision”, but the majority of time, it would start as a lead – “an individual who has provided contact information and, in doing so, pointed toward a potential sales opportunity”.

The challenge? To decide on characteristics and factors, that describe your ideal prospect – the prepared buyer – to optimise the lead generation process. […]

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Considering long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords come with their own pros and cons, so it’s important that you are aware of them before you consider using them!

Using such keywords in a context of generating new business has proven to be effective, especially if the content of the keyword itself nails the prospects’ identified problem as a “long-term keyword” can be defined as phrases that consist of 2-5 words, are rather specific, and are used by the searcher when a specific issue needs to be resolved. […]

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Is Working With Your Agency a Fine Dining Experience?

fine diningThink of your agency as an upmarket restaurant.

The creative department are the chefs.

Client service are the waiters who deliver the product to the customer.

The customer of course, is your client.


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