What We Do

The Unusual New Business Agency

ENGAGEMENTRSW is unusual in that we have taken the time and the effort to develop technology and relationships with technology providers that enable us to more accurately predict when clients are likely to be reviewing their relationships with their partners or when they are at that stage of the buying process when they would welcome a face-to-face meeting with you.

Once these ‘windows of opportunity’ have been identified we research the company and develop a unique story to tell on your behalf. We then engage with the decision makers within the identified companies using social channels, email, telephone and good old fashioned letter writing in order to present your case for being included on their long list of potential partners. We then arrange a meeting for you to convince them to put you on the pitch list or better still appoint you without the need to pitch.

This process means less cold-calling, more perceptive, bespoke, personalised approaches to senior level marketers. This not only produces better results in terms of ROI but also enhances your agency’s reputation which mass cold-calling can really damage.

To find out more about how we operate and could work with you contact Adam Whittaker for the password to the Case Study sections of our site, which is password protected.