The Original New Business Agency

We do a simple thing, very well indeed. The simple thing we do is actually, of course, very tricky. We arrange for our clients to meet the people they would like to work with. Our methodology is based upon a fundamental truth: Most agency reviews are triggered by completely predictable events. We know what they are, and we predict them. This makes the meetings we arrange far more likely to result in our clients winning business. So if you think looking for new business is like looking for a needle in a haystack, call Adam Whittaker on 020 315 00700 to find out more and to arrange a meeting to discuss how we could help your agency grow.

Synopsis of What We Do

Marketing communications firms use us as an integral component of their new business programmes. We work with them to develop compelling agency propositions and then communicate these to their target market using the correct combination of outreach methodologies. These include telephone, email and social marketing. Our USP is our proprietary technology and methodologies that enable us to target clients who are reviewing their agency. The result of this is that RSW's clients' conversion from meeting to pitch to win is higher than our competitor's clients. You get a better ROI with RSW.

A Bit of History

Reardon Smith Whittaker was established in 1992 by Adam Whittaker and Sam Reardon Smith and was the first to describe itself as a 'new business agency'. Before setting up the agency both directors had headed up the new business function at various advertising, branding, PR and BTL agencies. RSW employs 15 people in the London office. The US office opened in 2005 and the Australian office in 2013. Although the most established we still think and act like a start-up.

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